Intelligent Dynamic Invoice Reader

Now a days every company issues invoice on the purchase of anything. Data entry from invoices for the record keeping or any business transaction is a tedious task when we do it manually. So, there is a need of the time to develop an AI based system which can accurately detect the information in meaningful form from the invoice images. We have built an adaptive Invoice system for extracting the information from multiple invoice formats. The product is dynamic in nature because it can be retrained with minimum effort to train the model for new type of invoice format. We have used Computer Vision techniques to detect different regions of invoices such as date, name, table information. After detecting the required information, we then extract the text from the invoices using detection information. We train our model on the invoices. After training, we extract the required information using detection and then pass that region to our text extractor to extract the text in meaning full format. We have an API to our Invoice system, you can use it for text extraction from invoices or we can provide you with the interface if you provide us the resources for this purpose..

Project Details

  • Category: Machine learning, NLP, Data Extraction
  • Completed: 2021

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