2D single image to 3D model

In real world, everything is in 3D format; the human visual system has a great tendency to infer a 3D scene or object. Nowadays, taking pictures and videos of real-world scenes is very common due to the availability of cameras in our pocket as an essential part of the cell phone. However, the third dimension (depth) of the captured moments get lost immediately. That is why a machine cannot infer the 3D model from an image. Due to an increase in the demand for closer to the real viewing experience and 3D printing, the conversion of a single 2D image into 3D has become a hot research area in the field of computer vision and geometric modeling. In this research project we successfully develop an AI based system that can efficiently and accurately convert the single 2D image into 3D mesh based model that can be used for any kind of Computer Aided Designs (CAD). 3D modeling has a wide range of applications in robot vision, 3D printing, medical image processing, automated medical surgery, virtual reality, 3D movies, and many others. The results of the project are promising. It helps us in rapid prototyping as it generates 3D model without any human intervention or effort.

Project Details

  • Category: Machine learning, Geometric modeling, CAD
  • Completed: 2020

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